Titanium Yo-Yoには4つの種類があります。

「高級感、満足感を与える事を目的としたディスプレイ向けTitanium Yo-Yo」

「競技用に似せて形や重量を調整しただけのTitaniumを使用する意味は特にないTitanium Yo-Yo」

「Titaniumだからこそ成し得る事ができる設計でYo-Yoの性能、可能性を引き上げる真の本格競技Titanium Yo-Yo」

「真の本格競技Titanium Yo-Yoを真似ただけの追いつく事は出来ても越える事はできないTitanium Yo-Yo」

JAPAN TECHNOLOGYは「真の本格競技Titanium Yo-Yo」を提案致します。
約2年の歳月を費やして形にした「RIBIRA」はTitanium Yo-Yoの可能性をさらに引き上げます。

"The possibility of Titanium"

There are 4 kinds of Titanium Yo-Yos.

"Titanium Yo-Yos made for display, which has luxuriousness and satisfaction"

"Titanium Yo-Yos whose shape and weights were simply adjusted to be like contest models"

"Real Titanium Yo-Yos for competing, which was designed to improve its quality and possibilities for performance"

"Imitation Titanium Yo-Yos are able to perform similar to the real one, but can never exceed it in performance"

JAPAN TECHNOLOGY proposes "The Real Titanium Yo-Yo".
It took about two years to create "RIBIRA". It raises the possibility of Titanium Yo-Yos.
Which Titanium out of a variety of choices is the best for Yo-Yos?
What cutting method and equipment meet the ideal way to shave Titanium to make Yo-Yos?
The design could only be created because of Titanium.
A lot of technique was effectively used, and as a result, "RIBIRA" was born with both high quality and luxuriousness.


Diameter 56.5mm
Width 42.5mm
Weight 66.0g
Price ¥39800