LaPuaは「素材の性能を引き出す事」「JAPAN TECHNOLOGYらしさを追求する事」に焦点を当てたプロダクトです。


LaPua is a contest model that inherits the advantages of FROST and is designed to fit wider players.
Buds gently protected by Frost during the winter period.
Buds who received the grace of the sun when spring comes, make beautiful flowers bloom.
Strength to overcome the cold winter.
Usable feeling like a light flower shaken by the wind.
Beauty that fascinates many people.
I received such impression when using LaPua for the first time.
So we gave this model the name "LaPua" which means "flower of the sun".
Overwhelming operability and comfortable use feeling.
These are realized by thinning the body to the limit.
The model "LaPua" that derived the goodness of titanium material was completed.
Come and add LaPua to your Yo-Yo collection.

※It is a product pursuing performance as a contest model. The accuracy when rotating is slightly inferior. In exchange it is a model that got high performance. Those who place emphasis on rotation accuracy should refrain from purchasing.


Diameter 54.5mm
Width 42.3mm
Weight 65.5g
Price ¥39800〜43800