FiRealはJAPAN TECHNOLOGY初となる1A、3A、5Aを対象としたフルメタル機種です。
これらを生かすためにJAPAN TECHNOLOGYが選んだ素材がA7000系でアルミ合金中最も強度が高い素材「A300」です。
FiRealは「見た目は普通。振れば分かる。」をキャッチコピーに上限値に達したと言われるメタル機種をバイメタルとは違う方向に限界突破させるためにJAPAN TECHNOLOGYとそれをバックアップしているエンジニア達が世に送り出すMade in Hokkaidoの本格フルメタルヨーヨーです。

FiReal is the first full metal yoyo that JAPAN TECHNOLOGY has created for 1A, 3A, and 5A players.
Bimetal is becoming popular now, but we still believe in the possibility of full metal yoyos. We had an idea for a while and 44CLASH triggered us to make the decision to create it.
It was based on two numbers: "ideal numerical value " and "the second ideal numerical value ". The "ideal numerical value " of turning objects was calculated with engineers. The "second ideal numerical value " was originally calculated based on players' impression after use. We combined these two ideal values with absolute numerical value of Axel, Pad, and Bearing. As a result, we found the exquisite weight that we couldn't find only with theory.
FiReal has merits of sliding, feeling, and retracting. "The wall from separator-bearing's external diameter to Pad's internal diameter" is a new form and reduces the sleep-loss. It is also effective in winding tricks of 5A division and in twining tricks of 3A division.
Body consists of a well-balanced inverse round, round, and straight parts. This brings comfort in playing because the width feels wider than it is. Also, the body with the separator creates better usability and connects stable horizontal tricks with less sleep-loss.
JAPAN TECHNOLOGY chose A300 as the material because it is the strongest aluminum alloy of A7000 types. This material is very hard, and the energy from throwing conducts to the yoyo without any waste. We tested many materials and this was the best material to bring the yoyos' power out.
FiReal is a full-scale metal yoyo made in Hokkaido. JAPAN TECHNOLOGY and engineers created it to exceed the existing performance limits. "Looks ordinary, but it's not. Throw it and you'll know it !"


Diameter 57.0mm
Width 43.5mm
Weight 65.0g
Price ¥15800~